Resolve Demanding Lifts


From basic to complex lifts, the Mastiff team have the solution you are looking for. With experience working within a range of industries lifting and fitting a variety of large machinery and equipment in to position there is no job too big or too difficult for our riggers.

Tandem Lifting

Tandem lifting involves the simultaneous use of more than one lifting device to bring a piece of equipment to the chosen position or chosen orientation for example horizontal to vertical.

Depending on the way an item is packed for transportation, offloaded onsite or currently positioned will determine the way it will be lifted.

Mastiff have experience pairing lifting devices such as cranes, 360 telehandlers, forklifts, Hiab cranes and spider cranes with varying lifting capacities.

Lifting Solution Providers

With a wide range of lifting devices, rigging gear and a large experienced and competent team of riggers and lifting specialists Mastiff will tailor a solution that suits your lifting needs. At Mastiff we have built up solid relationships with some of the most reputable crane and hire companies in Ireland allowing us to offer our clients the most competitive rates available. Our lifting specialists are available to assist by offering a solution that suits your needs, get in touch today.

Restricted On Space

Space restriction is often problematic when planning a lift, get in contact with our lifting specialists today for advice on the best and safest options available to you.

We can offer solutions to height restrictions, access and egress restrictions, floor openings, confined space work and work within cleanroom areas as well as many others with limited interruption to current good manufacturing practices or services in the area.

Lifting and shifting items up and down stairs and the internal movement of items through various floor levels within a building can be achieved using approved and recognized safe work systems.

Load Testing & GA Certification

Load testing of structural steel and structural lifting beams can be provided onsite by Mastiff’s qualified and competent inspectors. The (SWL) safe working load will be determined and GA certification will be provided for a minimum period of 6months.
Test and certification of all lifting gear and tackle is available at the most competitive market rates, get in contact today for a quotation.