Move on a Cushion of Air


Various models available with lifting capacities of up to 38,000kg

When you hire an Air Skate System you will receive:

  • NO.1 Control Manifold

  • NO.4 or NO.6 Load Modules plus NO.1 Spare Load Module

  • Interconnecting Hoses (from control to modules) – the required length will be supplied

  • Compressor Hire – available upon request

Manual Regulation Lift

When your needs require a system to lift and move a variety of loads, with different eccentricities over varying floor surfaces, where you intend to use temporary surface overlays to bridge floor joints or cracks, a system is furnished so you can manually regulate proper air pressure to each caster to aid in floatation from one surface condition to another.

Automatic Lift

When loads are eccentric and it is known that load moves will occur over a continuously good operating surface, with no overlays to traverse, the use of a flow control valve at each module provides automatic air pressure adjustment to each caster to carry the load above it.