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Our qualified and highly skilled workforce operate as a team using their vast experience and knowledge to the advantage of each of our clients. Health & safety is the priority of our company and each team member is made aware of the risks associated with each project prior to commencement. This allows each supervisor to inform the team on risk minimization during the project ensuring the most efficient outcome.

All of our employees are trained and qualified to industry standard. Only qualified personnel will be given authorisation to operate machinery and attach lifting tackle/equipment.

Our team includes:image-0 02 01 e88e1bf9f47998643c5cd9109e42b456ceb6d950dba365b991d85e6bcec5ce6a-V_1464949572310

Appointed Persons:

  • CSCS/CPCS Qualified, Extremely Competent & Vastly Experienced in Lifting Operations
  • Responsible for overseeing all lifting operations & implementing safe systems for lifting operations
  • Responsible for instructing and supervising the lifting team
  • Authorised to delegate duties as required


  • CSCS Qualified
  • Responsible for moving cranes from the point of loading to unloading
  • The movement, loading and unloading of lorries
  • Directing the movement of plant
  • Uses hand signals or a radio to communicate safe directions to the machine operator and the lifting team
  • Authorised to attach all lifting gear and tackle


  • Relocation of loads varying in size, weight & shapeDog LOGO
  • Engages in lifting, moving and transporting
  • Engages in positioning, pulling and securing
  • Qualified to operate and use a large range of lifting machinery & tackle
  • Experienced in operating pulleys & hoists


  • Construction of metal structures  by cutting, bending & assembling e.g. lifting beams
  • Create components for any size product e.g. assembly lines, machines, tanks
  • Aligning, fitting, welding, measuring, laying out & inspecting parts
  • Operating machinery
  • Advisory rolePic25

General Operatives:

  • Minimum Training – Solas Safe Pass & Manual Handling Training
  • Must follow the instructions of senior team members
  • Responsible for preparation of lifting tackle or any required materials
  • Responsible for housekeeping
  • Receiving persistent training from senior crew members
  • More advanced training given to experienced & competent GO’s.