Health & Safety and the implementation of safe working practices is crucial to the work carried out by our company, our employees and  our associates. Inimage-0 02 01 21c9189738ac54402bcadc5d1164beeb0fdd1f48d4a5768e06aa7f5e00a68075-V_1464949529478 order to achieve the highest health & safety standards and to protect our work force and our working environment it is our company policy to endorse a strategy that minimises mishaps, incidents & accidents at work. This is achieved through continuously monitoring and  focusing on reducing possible risks, upgrading and increasing personnel training and awareness and using safely monitored systems of work.

Our company objective is to remove or reduce the risks of our business activities to the welfare of our employees, our clients, our working environment and anyone else that may be affected by our operations. Our project managers and supervisors have been trained to assess the risks involved in each project and to implement controls to reduce the threat of possible hazards.

  • Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) are prepared by the health & safety department in advance of all works
  • Machinery Inspection Certificates are provided for all machinery, equipment & lifting tackle
  • Safety Training Certificates are provided for all personnel carrying out works
  • Lift Plans are provided for all cranes usagehealth and safety page

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