Mastiff Engineering Ltd – Hiring Lifting Machinery, Equipment and Operators


Stocking a large range of machinery and equipment specific to the heavy lift industry Mastiff Engineering Ltd will take care of all of your hire needs. Regardless of the weight, size, shape or destination of your project our team of experts can advise on the most efficient and effective mode of transportation to assist you.

Our team will help to advise on the package most suited to the project. We work directly with a variety of trusted and reliable suppliers to ensure our clients needs are continually prioritised and accomplished. If our range of stock does not include the lifting equipment you need we will organise the hire, delivery & collection of the desired item as well as supplying a qualified operative/s to assist with the works.

DollysHeavy Lift Machinery & Equipment: 

  • Hi-ab Truck & Operator
  • 360Teleporter
  • Teleporter
  • Forklift
  • Air Skates
  • Machine Skates (Large & Medium)
  • Tank Skates
  • Dolly’s
  • Toe Jacks
  • Pull Lifts & Roll Lifts
  • A Frames
  • Lifting Beams
  • Beam Clamps
  • Pallet Trucks
  • Hoists/MEWP/Scissor Lifts/Boom Lifts
  • Cranes
  • Chain blocks
  • Slings & Shackles

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